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Royale Burgers

(Hamburgers made meatloaf style)

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For this you will need:

Just over one pound to two pounds of ground beef depending on how many patties you like to make.

One or two eggs.

Some onion.

Salt and pepper.




(Wondra) Flour.

Extra virgin olive oil. Healthy Goodness, Highest-Grade Natural Supplements! Fast, Free Shipping!

A big frying pan.

A plate to flour the patties.

A large bowl lined with paper towels to hold the cooked patties.

Let's begin:

In a large bowl or pot, place your ground beef.

Add salt, pepper and just a tad of cinnamon.

Splash a tad of milk on top. Less than you'd put in a cup of coffee.

Crack one egg over the meat.

Crumble up one slice of bread into fine pieces. The heel works nice for this purpose as does bread that is going stale but not totally bad.

Dice up several slices of onion.

Mix all of this together. The mixture has to be wet enough to form easy patties but not so wet as to fall apart. If required add another egg to keep the mixture soft and keep all the ingredients together as the bread and meat will soak up a lot of liquid.

On a large plate spread out a layer of flour.

In a large frying pan cover the bottom with a little oil to get you started.

Start hand forming patties. These generally end up thicker in the middle than at the edges.

Put these into the flour. Turn them to flour both sides and even dip the edges.

Once the oiled pan is hot throw in your patties one at a time. Start with three, four if you have enough room.

Allow them to thoroughly cook on one side so that it is a dark brown and you can see the texture of the fried flour over the meat.

Turn and do the same for the second side.

After a bit press them to see if they bleed. If they do, turn them over again.

On another large plate put several sheets of paper towels.

When you think the burgers are done and they no longer bleed red like crazy when you press them, put them over the paper towel on the plate to soak up some of that saturated fat that comes from the red meat.

Keep cooking the other patties.

Turn the patties over on the paper towel to soak up the far side. Put fresh paper towels down after you get a lot of grease on the first set of towels.

You can serve these as a sandwich with lettuce and tomato, maybe a tad of mayonase.

You can serve these on a plate with a side dish like mashed potatoes, rice, corn, green beans, broccoli, any kind of side you like.

You can refrigerate the rest and yes, you can eat them cold if you like! Put them in a plastic container or on a plate covered with plastic wrap and if you raid the refrigerator at midnight you can uncover the plate, take out a patty and just eat it as is. Or you can zap it for thirty seconds to a minute in the microwave or heat it in an oven or toaster oven for just a few minutes.

Our royal burgers, made meatloaf style.





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