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Stuffed Bell Peppers

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For this, you will need:

Four to six large green bell peppers, some onion, some garlic.

Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and some cooking oil.

A medium to large casserole dish or baking pan.

A large pot.

A Colander.

Large frying pan.

Cup of rice. If you are doing six bell peppers make it a cup and a half of rice.

Your favorite shredded cheese. About four ounces that are grated very fine.

Pound of ground beef 15 to 20 percent fat. If you are doing six bell peppers you will need a pound and a half of ground beef.

Extra large can of tomato sauce or good pasta sauce in a jar

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Cutting knife. Paring knife. Cutting board.

We start by peeling, crushing and dicing two or three cloves of garlic.

We dice three or four slices of yellow onion.

We remove the stems and seeds from the bell peppers breaking away only a little at the top so we can reach inside and clean out the seeds. Try not to tear the entire pepper. Flush with water. Remove all the light colored insides.

Fill your deep stew or soup pot about two thirds of the way with water.

Put your cored peppers into the pot and bring to a rolling boil.

We want to cook these peppers til they are soft and tasty. It takes ten to fifteen minutes once you get the water up to boiling. Make sure they are submerged or turn them about to cook them on all sides.

You can throw some of the top residue into that pot and use that to help determine how cooked the peppers are. With your tongs reach in a pull out a little piece of pepper, flush it under cold water and then eat it. If it's crunchy and tart it needs to cook more.

This meal is not going to be in the oven all that long, so we want to make sure to pre-cook those peppers in the pot.

Once your bell peppers are thoroughly cooked put them into the baking pan with the open top facing up.

In your large frying pan add a little extra virgin olive oil. Turn on the heat.

Start breaking up your ground beef and adding it to the hot frying pan. Stir the meat to keep it from burning.

Once all your beef is cooked, put the Colander into the sink. Add your beef. Clean out your pan with water. Rinse the beef to drain the excess fat. Wipe your frying pan with paper towels to remove the meat fat.

Put the pan back on the heat. Add a touch of olive oil. Then pour in some of your diced garlic and onions.

Pour in your rinsed ground beef.


Open a can of tomato sauce or if you'd rather, you can use store-bought pasta sauce. A good brand, like Prego with onions and garlic.

Pour about half the container into the frying pan and keep stirring the mixture.

Now add your rice.

Add some salt, pepper and Italian seasoning to the tomato sauce.

Keep stirring and turn off the heat.

If you are using regular tomato sauce put the rest of the onions, garlic and any green pepper debris you have left over from boiling the large ones into what ever is left of the tomato sauce. If you are using store bought sauce you don't have to add these items unless you want chunky sauce.

Add salt, pepper and Italian seasoning to the can of sauce.

Add a little water to thin the sauce mixture.

Spoon the contents of your frying pan into each of the bell peppers a spoon at a time. Stuff them in with the spoon. Use the spoon to remove as much from the frying pan as is possible.

Now start pouring the rest of your sauce into each of the peppers and then inbetween them to cover the outside of the peppers and inside of the baking dish with enough liquid to go about half way. Add a little more water if required.

Preheat the oven to about four hundred.

Put a sheet of aluminum foil over the rack.

Place the casserole or baking dish over the aluminum foil and bake for about fifteen minutes.

Remove and top each of the peppers with your favorite cheese. It can be cheddar, mozzarella, provalone or Romano. American cheese or Velveta will melt and brown took quickly, so stick with the real cheese for this dish.

Put it back into the oven and bake for another fifteen minutes or so.

When the tomato sauce is at a boil and the cheese on top is getting brown, remove the baking dish from the oven and serve.

One pepper for each person and that's a big meal!

It has a quarter pound of beef. A whole pepper becomes your green vegetable. A quarter cup of rice is your starch. A cup of tomato sauce. A half clove of garlic. A slice of onion. And that is for each serving!

This entree weighs in just over a pound and it isn't all that high in calories. For low calorie diets, just don't use the cheese.

Stuffed bell peppers.




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