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Philly Cheese Steak

(With or Without Peppers)

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For a true Philly cheese steak you will need:

Cheese Whiz (not a sponsor or affiliate -- honest!).

Yes! That is what the two original philly steak shops use!

Both Pat’s and Geno’s use Cheese Whiz. You can also use spray cheese, Velveeta, American or provalone.

Another trick to making an original Philly Cheese Steak are the rolls from the Amoroso baking company in Philadelphia. But, you can use any long sub roll if you can't find these.

They also use thin sliced rib-eye steak, but you can also use pre-packaged store-bought steak like we used in our Burbank Italian Sub.

We’re going to add more bell pepper with this variety of steak sandwich.

We’re also going to use one or two whole slices of onion that you break apart and put into the frying pan after you turn on the heat and add some oil. Remember Extra virgin olive oil is the best for both taste and health.

Let the peppers and onions cook a bit before putting in the steak meat.

Turn everything with a fork until the meat is cooked along with the bell peppers.

Once again we drain on paper towels before putting the mixture into the roll.

This sandwich, with meat, peppers and onions but no cheese is how Mike’s Pizza in Los Angeles used to make the sandwich.

When you add the cheese it becomes more like what you might get at Pat’s or Geno’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Especially if you use the rib-eye steak, Amoroso rolls and Cheese Whiz!

You can, however, also use spray cheese or any other brand of processed American cheese product, but Cheese Whiz melts the best and has a good consistency.

A look at the original Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.





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