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Soup Made Your Way

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Soup Made Your Way

This can be meatless vegetable soup, Italian Minestrone, beef vegetable soup, or as we are making it here: Meatball Soup

For all of these you will need:

Tomato sauce, paste or diced tomatoes. Healthy Goodness, Highest-Grade Natural Supplements! Fast, Free Shipping!

Clove of garlic.

Some diced onion.

Salt and Pepper.


Vegetables. Almost any type of vegetables will do.

Today we're using:

Two carrots.

One potato.

A stalk of celery – which adds flavor so use celery salt if you don't have celery.

Fresh green beans.

A large pot to cook it in.

Peel your potato, carrots and other vegetables and then dispose of the peels.

Cut them up into small, bite-sized pieces.

Peel, smash and dice a clove of garlic.

Dice up several slices of yellow or white onion.

You can also add any other vegetable you like to any of these dishes.

This is really soup that you're making your way!

If you are making Minestrone: Add zucchini squash, red kidney beans and some ziti pasta.

If you are staying meatless skip down to Putting It All Together.


Bypass this if you're making Vegetarian, Vegetable beef or Minestrone:

You will need A frying pan if you are doing meatballs or beef.

Extra virgin olive oil to brown the meat.

Pound of ground beef for meatballs or chopped beef for vegetable beef soup.

An egg and some rice for the meatballs.

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For the meatballs use a large pot or bowl.

Put your pound of ground beef into the bowl.

Add some rice, about a fourth or third of a cup.

Add one egg.

Salt and pepper.

Add some of the garlic and onions.

Knead the mixture until it's thoroughly mixed together.

Warm a frying pan and add some extra virgin olive oil.

Add your chopped beef if you are making vegetable beef soup.

Form your ground beef mixture into small meatballs and put them into the hot, oiled pan.

Turn them to prevent burning and to get all sides gray or brown.

Leach the browned beef or meat balls in a colander or just flush the pot with water and use a lid to drain.

The meat portion ends here.

Putting it all together starts here for all types of soup:


Put some water into a clean pot. Fill it about half-way.

Add all your prepared ingredients, including the onions and garlic.

Cut the dead ends off your beans, break them into thirds and add them to the pot.

(If you decide to use canned green beans don't add those until the last five minutes just to heat them up, but fresh beans need to be cooked thoroughly.)

If your making Minestrone only add a little pasta. Maybe four ounces or a fourth of a package.

Add your tomato stuff, either Two cups or sixteen ounces of tomato sauce, or one eight ounce can of tomato sauce and one can of diced tomatoes.

(Tomato paste can also be used in place of both the sauce and diced tomatoes. Use a small can of paste, flushing it with water to get all the tomato into our pot.)

Bring this to a rolling boil, reduce heat and cover.

Stir and taste frequently.

Add salt, pepper to taste. Add some Italian seasoning for minestrone or just if you like it! Add some crushed red pepper if you like a hotter soup. If you like a sweeter soup don't add any spices at all.

This is your soup, so get a spoon, taste it and then go to your spice rack.

Simmer for fifteen to thirty minutes. Until the potatoes and carrots are cooked enough to eat.

Ladle into a bowl.

Add a salad for a light lunch.

This also goes great with any meal and it turns a sandwich into a hearty meal.

Soup, made your way.




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